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Welcome to Spearhead Marketing Group

Spearhead Marketing Group is a leading event production company specializing in promotions and live consumer events.  We are experts in event production services, logistical  management and campaign design for events and experiential marketing campaigns nationwide. 

SMG creates unique consumer events that make a lasting impression on a target audience. Through memorable face-to-face interactions we educate customers and connect them with the brand. Our event producers and marketing consultants orchestrate entire campaigns and events from beginning to end, making sure that no strings are left unattached. We thrive on organizing all of the important and all of the tiny details often overlooked by many. This is why when SMG is in charge of producing a marketing campaign, it runs so smoothly that it appears to be effortless.

Who we are

Event Marketing Gurus

What we do

Experiential Marketing


You need to connect with your audience one on one

Where we are

Everywhere in the USA and Brazil

How & Why

Flawlessly and Cost Effectively. To engage your audience in an innovative way